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Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

At the core of Ohio TeleCom are the values instilled in our conscience by our savior Jesus Christ.

Matt 7:12
“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.”


Conventional, Digital, Mobile, IP, VoIP, SIP, T-1 and ISDN-PRI all in one telephone system.
From 1 to 536 lines, 1 to 800 users and up to 250 connected sites, the Vertical Summit is the most versatile and scalable telephone system available. Virtually Future Proof!
4 Line 4 station systems begin at $1,500.00 installed!


Call 800-821-2686 for a no obligation demonstration and quotation for your business.
Ask about our exclusive 5 year parts and labor warranty!


Key Features
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 1 to 536 lines Vertical Summit
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 1 to 800 Users
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 UCS Desktop Client with Voice (Softphone)
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 UCS Mobile Client Presence
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 1:1 Video Calling
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Secure IM
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 ClickCall
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Voice & Videoconferencing
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Advanced Call Recording
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Visual Voice Mail
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Auto Attendant
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Mobile & SIP Extensions
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Dedicated Hospitality Telephony Suite
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686 Green Power Save

Voice. UC. BYOD. Mobile.
Now you can have it all – with the versatile Vertical Summit™ unified communications (UC) platform. More than a simple phone system, the Summit gives you cost-effective options that add up to real-time communications and bottom-line business benefits with the ability to easily – and affordably – migrate from analog to IP for true mobility and more. Simple to set up and administer, the Summit’s optimized IP/TDM hybrid architecture gives you all the standard features you need while supporting more advanced UC and mobility applications, so you can communicate and collaborate seamlessly wherever your business takes you.
In addition to standard call handling features including one-touch call transfer, call recording, Caller ID and music on hold, the Vertical Summit offers more advanced functions through integrated applications and features such as a multi-level Auto Attendant and voice mail with email notification; at-a-glance presence management and call routing capabilities; videoconferencing; and even the ability to place calls by simply clicking on a number in a Windows-based Web page or document.

Vertical Summit IP

The cost effective Vertical Summit IP platform is ideally suited for small businesses with five to 50 users, and with optional expansion unit, can accommodate up to 140.

Your License to Communicate To ensure peak performance from the Summit’s powerful suite of multimedia, collaboration and productivity tools and applications, each system includes licenses for the standard Summit Unified Communications Solution (UCS) Desktop Client with Voice (softphone), as well as Summit UCS Mobile Client licenses.* The Summit’s UCS clients give you seamless, single-number connectivity to customers, co-workers and features from your PC or smartphone, so you can:
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Make, receive and transfer calls from anywhere with one touch
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Quickly handle calls with at-a-glance, presence-based call management and individual call routing
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Access directories, call logs, paging and other system features with the tap of a finger
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Automatically integrate and synchronize private and shared directories with your contacts and schedule for more efficient communications
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Send and receive secure IM, text and broadcast messages
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Easily set up and manage videoconferences with up to six people
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Share applications, white boards and desktops in real time
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Record calls with a single click
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Conduct 3-way conference calling

Optimize Your Communications with Optional Applications
To get peak performance from your Summit system, optional applications are available to further enhance your business’s communications capabilities and bottom line.

IPCR Call Recording Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and improve employee training and customer service with more advanced call recording capabilities. IPCR Call Recording lets you securely record and monitor calls to and from any phone on your Summit system on demand or system wide, and quickly search, retrieve and replay calls via your Web browser.

IP Attendant (Office/Hotel) Streamline call handling and distribution with simplified control of the Summit’s Attendant features and functions via this easy-to-use interface and high voice quality, built-in IP softphone. IP Attendant software displays call, user and system status for standard office use, and is also available with a dedicated hospitality telephony feature set that integrates with various hotel/motel property management systems.

ClickCall Now you can make calls from numbers in any Windows-based application, Web page, or document without dialing your phone. Save time and eliminate misdials by simply highlighting the number and dragging it into the ClickCall pop-up window to place the call automatically from your desktop phone.

Vertical Summit 800

The easily expandable Vertical Summit™ 800 system delivers both digital and VoIP capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses in a single, cost effective system for 50 and up to 800 users.

Affordable Expandability
Easy to set up, maintain and use, each Summit platform gives you the flexibility to design an affordable, dynamic communications system that’s truly the best fit for your business with:
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Advanced VoIP technology
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Low cost SIP trunking
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686On/off premise mobility
Ohio TeleCom LLC 800-821-2686Remote connectivity
With the Summit, you can easily expand your communications infrastructure as your business grows with extra expansion units to serve up to 800 users. The Summit is also compatible with Vertical’s SBX IP and MBX IP platforms, so you can quickly network up to 250 sites together while creating a simple migration path to the full-feature and cost-saving benefits of the Summit’s built-in VoIP technology.

Flexible Phone Options
Get the most out of the Summit’s feature set with Vertical’s new Edge 9000 Series IP and digital phones and DECT phones featuring display-based interfaces, call logs, self-labeling keys and simplified administration. The optional Summit Wireless DECT System let’s you cost-effectively increase your coverage, voice traffic and number of users with up to 48 additional extensions. The Summit also integrates with other Vertical SBX IP and MBX IP digital, SIP and IP phones, as well as Vodavi single-line analog, XTS, STS and Triad phones to protect and extend your current communications capabilities and investment.

Simple set up
 Installation and maintenance are simple with the Web-based Install Wizard, and the Summit’s award-winning, stylish design allows for compact communications that fit securely in a standard 19” rack. Save power and money, too. With the Summit’s Green Power Save feature, you can automatically or manually disable power to phones connected to the system at night or during holidays for more energy-efficient and cost effective system operation.

Phone Systems in Dayton Columbus and Cincinnati

Acoustic Echo Echo that is the result of feedback that is generated on any phone or speaker phone or headset from the speaker to the microphone. (also see Line Echo)

Phone Systems in Dayton Columbus and Cincinnati

ATA Analog Telephone adapter A device that coverts analog voice signals to digital signals which can then be transmitted over the Internet.

Phone Systems in Dayton Columbus and Cincinnati

Attendant (Auto Attendant) An automatic response system, such as a voice presenting options such as press 2 for sales, 5 for Lisa, etc., which handles incoming calls and sends them to the appropriate phone or message.

Phone Systems in Dayton Columbus and Cincinnati

Attenuation (also referred to as loss) is a term that occurs with any type of signal, (digital or analog) and refers to the reduction in the strength of the signal, which is natural consequence of that signal trave

Phone Systems in Dayton Columbus and Cincinnati

ling over the specific medium for long distances.